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About Cintriq

Cintriq is a trusted partner for clients seeking professional guidance throughout the entire spectrum of HR, Payroll, and Finance transformation initiatives.

Our track record of success is rooted in our commitment to staying well-informed and being seen as an influencer in the field. We invest our time and effort in understanding the latest trends and developments in the software and technology market, harnessing this independent knowledge to empower you throughout your transformation journey, from initial vision to successful implementation and ongoing support.

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Just a few of our clients we have supported across the globe…

Project & Change Management

Our global network comprises a diverse group of employees, associates consultants and partners, each contributing a broad spectrum of project delivery and functional proficiency. We leverage this extensive expertise to effectively deliver client projects, including Operating Model optimisation, Organisational Design, and Software selection and Implementation, spanning various industries.

“At Cintriq, our values serve as the bedrock of our operations. They are the driving influence behind our exceptional organisational culture and guide our actions, decision-making processes, and interactions with our valued clients.”

– Bob Rehill, CEO

Some of the technology software vendors we have worked with…

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